Salmon Fishing The Fraser River

salmon fishing in the fallI had a couple of great days fishing the fraser river last weekend with my son and it was especially fun because of the style of fishing. We were ‘bottom bouncing’. Man, I love that kind of fishing. We had the luxury of my son’s boat so we put it in the water just East of Chilliwack and from there scooted over to one of his favorite gravel bars. Its amazing how you remember a fish you caught in a particular spot and the part of the river where you caught it.

What I really like about bottom bouncing is the action of the rod and the feel of your line bouncing along with the current. We were using a two ounce bell weight and the water really moved it along nicely. The weather was outstanding and even had to put the sunscreen on.

Even though its that time of year when things are quiet, the coho generally start moving into that part of the fraser around this time of year. The springs have made their run and its just a bit early to get into the steelhead.

All in all it was a perfect weekend. The kind you think about for weeks before you get there.

Oh and did I mention, we never brought anything home. Only caught one small coho and as it was wild, released it for another day.

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