Bait Casting For Salmon


Salmon are a species of migratory fish common to the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. The species has also been introduced quite successfully in the Great Lakes of North America. Interestingly, people look at salmon fishing as a form of sport or entertainment and make extensive plans for their fishing trips.

What kind of bait to use for Salmon?

Before embarking on a fishing trip, it is advisable to study the eating habits of the fish. Salmon are mostly meat eaters, so using meat or something similar to meat as bait should be effective. However, different anglers are comfortable with individual methods. It depends on you to choose the bait that you are satisfied with.

Different types of bait

Some of the methods used in bait fishing for salmon include:

Cut bait – Using cut bait is a good option while fishing for salmon. Cut bait is nothing but a sliver of raw fish, either herring or smelt. However, any other kind of fish would work just as well. Using such bait for salmon fishing has the added advantage of attracting the fish with the smell of the bait.

Artificial bait – Some fishing enthusiasts have found it particularly useful to use a lure as bait instead of raw fish. When used for salmon fishing, a lure is traditionally called a “spoon”. This is basically a thin artificial bait which resembles a tiny fish when it is pulled with a boat. The Green Highlander is one of the most common lures or “spoons” used in salmon fishing.

Things to keep in mind while Salmon fishing

Salmon are fast moving fish and rarely stay in one spot. While fishing for salmon, it is important to troll (move your boat up and down, covering all areas) and not stay anchored at one spot. It is also prudent to keep track of the migratory pattern of the fish.

Use a strong heavy fishing line that is ideal for deep water fishing. Make sure the fishing pole and reel are strong enough to haul up a full grown salmon.
If you are using cut bait, make certain that it is fresh and that it has a strong smell. Using rotten bait will not help.

One of the main ways to attract salmon to the bait is to make it as flashy as possible. The use of bright colors and smells to draw attention to the bait is a good tactic. You can use flies, spinners or flashers to make the bait more appealing to salmon. Flashers and spinners simulate movement which enthrall the fish and make them bite.

Salmon are extremely timid by nature and can move surprisingly fast if alerted of danger. It is advisable to be careful of your movements while fishing. If you startle one fish, it might alert the rest and your expedition will be in vain.


Bait fishing for salmon requires a lot of patience and skill. This is not a hobby which can be learnt in a jiffy; it requires an immense amount of time, effort and practice to master the sport. However, the excitement and pride which you get when you catch your first fish makes it all worthwhile.

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