Salmon Fishing The West Coast

If you haven’t tried salmon fishing on the west coast, you’re really missing an exciting opportunity to catch some beautiful spring?? or chinook and coho salmon. I just came back from my 7th annual trip to the west side of Vancouver Island in British Columbia and had a spectacular trip.

There were 4 of us again this year and once again we limited out each day.?? My brother, Barry managed a 42 pound Spring Salmon and my buddy Al (the captain) Gibson brought home a 35 pound Spring as well.?? The rest ranged from about 18 to 25 pounds for the springs and 8 to 18 pounds for the hatchery coho.?? We use a guide service for this trip and the guy we go out with really knows his stuff.?? I’ve seen many times over the past 7 years where we brought in twice and sometimes three times the number of fish that other guides were bringing home.?? So I know its not all luck!

In addition to salmon this trip netted us our limit in halibut from 20 to 30 pounds and even a few ling cod which are great eating. We took a different approach this year and trolled for the hallies which seemed to add a more sporting touch.?? However, the size was smaller.?? In past years we would always head out about 20 miles and drift fish for them.?? They were bigger (one was 72 pounds) but it was like hauling a sheet of plywood off the bottom. Not very sporting and really hard on the arms.?? Especially when your forearms aren’t in great shape from punching a keyboard all day.

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